The Ontario Personal Support Worker Association is the Professional Association for PSWs across our Nation. OPSWA is managed by PSWs and work to represent the vocation and improve the care societies most vulnerable receive. We understand the difficulties PSWs deal with everyday.  OPSWA represents thousands of Personal Support Workers across Ontario and that number continues to grow.

Our goal is to make the PSW a profession of choice in the Health Care field and not just as a stepping stone.

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PSW Membership Benefits


  • All memberships are tax deductible! 


  • Annual National Police Check provided to you at NO Charge


  • Scope of Practice

  • Whistleblower protection


  • Standards of Practice


  • Group Car and Home Insurance available to members only!


  • Unlimited Endorsements from OPSWA for Job Interviews: Available upon Request


  • Portfolio building : Available upon request


  • Corporate Sponsor Networking Opportunities


  • Connecting you with TOP PSW Employers - You have first access to job postings!


  • 24/7 Support for all your questions and concerns


  • Up to date information provided to you on government regulations affecting your profession


  • OPSWA Member ONLY Specialized Education that is cost effective or FREE!

** OPSWA recognizes Health Care Aides and Developmental Service Workers **

OPSWA PSW Membership Process

  1. Please fill out the application below and pay your annual due. If you require a monthly option, please click on Payment page in this dropdown menu.

  2. OPSWA will be in touch with you via email within 24 hrs of you completing this first step to membership.

  3. OPSWA will send you a welcome letter with an affidavit attached. You will be required to send in proof of your PSW Certificate (Picture is fine) and a scanned photo of your signed affidavit.

  4. OPSWA will then send you a link to BackCheck (Sterling Talent Solutions) this MUST be completed as soon as possible as it is time sensitive.

  5. OPSWA will receive your results within 48hrs – we will then send you out the LAST STEP to membership which is your liability insurance form.

  6. You will receive your OPSWA ID Badge within 4-6 weeks.

PSW Membership Form

Payment Options

OPSWA Membership brings a host of benefits and opportunities to Personal Support Workers in Ontario.

OPSWA offers a FULL Annual Payment option of $150.00


the payment option of $50.00 for the first three months of membership.


12 Monthly Payments of $15.00

** An OPSWA membership is a YEAR long commitment - If you are 3-payment member or a monthly member and want to cancel your membership, you WILL be required to pay out the remaining balance owing, as OPSWA pays upfront for your Liability Insurance and badge. You will also be required to return your badge and your insurance policy WILL be cancelled**

Please ensure that you have already filled out the OPSWA Application form on our PSW Membership page 

Once you complete your membership - you will receive a welcome letter in your email within 48 hrs.



If you are a 3-payment member,  please keep in mind that if you miss your second payment - you will be charged on the following (3rd) month. If you do not pay your third payment on the 3rd month, and the following (4th month) payment is also un-paid, or returned NSF, your membership AND liability insurance AND Backcheck will be immediately revoked and you will still be required to pay the remaining balance owing.

When you receive your email from BackCheck (Sterling Talent Solutions) you have ONE WEEK to complete all steps of the online application. If you DO NOT complete the steps OPSWA will charge you an additional $75.00 to complete the application.

Remember that Membership is TAX DEDUCTIBLE       Please view OPSWA's Cancellation policy here

Full Year Annual Due

3 Payments of $50.00 Option

Monthly Option - $15.00 a Month

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