Perinatal Support Worker

The Perinatal Support Worker (PNSW) is a professional educator and caregiver for new and expecting parents during the period from conception through the first year of a newborn's life.

As an independent, ancillary member of the health care team the PNSW will be able to act as an advocate for the women and families whom they support. Working in collaboration with other members of a woman's health care team the PNSW can create the most appropriate and personalized emotional,  educational and physical support for mother, baby and family. The PNSW will also be able to deliver various pre-natal and post-natal education classes to new and expecting parents.

Upon completion of the program, the PNSW will function much like a Personal Support Worker does, acting both independently and under supervision of a health care professional such as a nurse or midwife depending upon the circumstance of their employment.

For individuals excited about a career as a PNSW, the PNSW  program will offer a  new and innovative career for professionals whose passion is working with new and expecting families.

It  is clear that we are at a time when the PNSW is a necessity within the perinatal industry. The arrival of birthing centers in Ontario coupled with the provincial government's stated desire to increase support for families has already created a demand for this type of trained support worker making the PNSW the most logical choice for hire. 
There are currently established companies offering pre-natal and postpartum support who are excited about this new program as there is an increase in demand and not enough trained and educated professionals to fill these roles.
The PNSW program will offer a new and innovative career for professionals whose passion is working with new and expecting families.  

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PNSW Membership Benefits


  • Annual National Police Check provided to you at NO Charge 

  • All Memberships are tax deductible

  • Group Medical Benefits

  • Group Car and Home Insurance -

  • Professionally Branded ID - Click here for more info

  • Unlimited Endorsements from OPSWA for Job Interviews: Available upon Request

  • Corporate Sponsor Networking Opportunities

  • Support for all your questions and concerns



When Joining the association please remember to send:

- Copy of your CPR/First Aid training - date of Completion

- Copy of your Insurance

To become a member of OPSWA please fill out the Application below

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When you receive your email from BackCheck (Sterling Talent Solutions) you have ONE week to complete all steps of the online application. If you DO NOT complete the steps OPSWA will charge you an additional $75.00 to complete the application.


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