Complaints and Discipline

Department of Compliance (OPSWA-DOC)

What is the OPSWA-DOC?

The Ontario Personal Support Workers Association – Department of Compliance has been established to:

Act as a point of contact for PSWs who have exhausted traditional approaches through their union or employers, general inquiries from the public at large.  This position will be responsible for in taking of reports and working with the PSWIoC if needed and acting upon any concerns that require the OPSWA to function as an advocate for PSWs in any professional matter.


The OPSWA and Personal Support Workers Institute of Canada

(PSWIoC)  is responsible for the following:

·         The Personal Support Workers Institute of Canada is a wholly separate entity that is tasked to monitor the Canadian Support Workers Association and its Provincial chapters and ensures that the professional association is following all of its own rules but also all Governmental laws and regulations.  The PSWIoC at a glance houses independent committees and investigatory mechanisms including the following:


·         Discipline

·         Appeals - Membership

·         Complaints

How Does the PSWIoC affect me?

The PSWIoC impacts all members of the CANSWA and its chapters by establishing a(n) independent mechanism(s) that is wholly independent of the CANSWA and its affiliations. These mechanisms (Committees: appeals, complaints etc) will work to ensure that any member of the association will be ensured an impartial and transparent resolution process.


How do I contact the OPSWA-DOC?

Any and all issues must be submitted in writing through our online complaints form or through the OPSWA – DOC general Email at

CONFIDENTIALITY – Any and all issues brought to the attention of the OPSWA-DOC are fully confidential.

To lodge a complaint please email

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